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  1. KD02 Office Desk with Tall Shelves | J&M Furniture
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  2. KD002 Office Desk with Tall Shelves, White | J&M Furniture
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Creative Furniture Store is your best online marketplace for modern & contemporary file storage solutions. Our wide assortment of modern filing cabinets spans the entire design spectrum and features some of the best brands in the industry. Our product offerings range from vertical filing cabinets to mobile two-drawer cabinets, and uniquely shaped and designed cabinets. You can find cabinets that range from very simple designs to something completely exclusive and sophisticated in our collection.

Our products are made from naturally sourced, sustainable materials featuring natural wood, micro-density fibreboard and wood fibre. Using modern manufacturing techniques, we’ve created cabinets that are built to last. Need modern office storage solutions that suit your needs? You don’t have to look further than Creative Furniture Store’s modern filing cabinets and storage ideas. Our cabinets are designed to be both functional and aesthetic.

Whether you’re look for filing cabinets for a small or large office or a work-from-home office, we’re sure you’ll find your ideal file storage solution within our collection. Show Less